About Pha Khao Lao, Luang Prabang

A Pha Khao Lao is the shared dining table that is made With either bamboo or rattan.

Usually, different kinds of food are served such as, grilled meat, chili paste, fresh vegetables.

Everyone shares from the same bowl or plate of food.

If you visit a Lao family during meal times, they will often ask you to join in to the table by saying:

“Ma der, kin khao nam gan!”

“Please come, let’s eat together!”

Pha Khao Lao Table

A Pha Khao Lao in our restaurant

Fresh Ingredients

We aim to use only the freshest fruits, vegetables and meat.

We buy everything in the morning from the local Lao markets around Luang Prabang which means that we can always guarantee that our food is fresh and delicious.

Our menu is predominantly Asian and Lao based, but we do include a small variety of Western style dishes, specifically for our breakfast menu.


Even thought we have a mixture of foreign and Asian food; Lao food is really at the heart of our menu.